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Princess Miranda Butterfly

Published by Silverwood Books on 14th December 2022.


Mita Pandya

Executive Headteacher

This is a beautifully written and illustrated story; I love the way you have used Miranda’s curiosity and imagination to introduce new learning and discoveries in a playful and creative way which will grab the reader’s attention. Subtle hints of Miranda’s past experiences link beautifully to the new learning, scaffolding on what she knows. You have skillfully woven the importance of acknowledgement of feelings through Miranda’s imagination and interests.

Lot of opportunities for discussions on other topics like safety – going on her own for a walk on the beach, falling from a tree…

The illustrations are brilliant, full of expressive detail. The last one of Miranda and Daphne looking up at a tree showing perhaps a lasting friendship or ………tenacity of hope.

This story would be perfect for a 5-8 year old.

Educational Therapist

 The illustrations are brilliant it is so lovely and beautifully written. Princess Miranda Butterfly is a captivating character that I think children will really relate to.  I especially love the way she loves trying interesting words out and being curious.