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GF Morton



Vivienne, a naive teenager in 1938, has to grow up in a world at war. Her family is shattered, like the buildings in her town, by the Luftwaffe. Vivienne knows that to recover she must reach into the dark past.

A fantastic window onto life on the “Home Front”, interwoven with love, loss and lies.

Amazon, 5 stars

Kissed to death

Five minutes is all it takes. Five minutes of violence in the wartime blackout. Five minutes that cast a very long shadow. After war ends, little Kenny lives with his granny who can’t find words to explain where he has come from. He knows not to ask.

An intriguing story which is deeply insightful into the impact of early experience of loss and secrets on adult relationships.

Jenny Dover, ‘Reaching and teaching through educational psychotherapy. A case study approach’